Celandine from warts: how to use a living plant

From the Latin celandine Chelidonium is translated as "gift from heaven". People have long learned to use celandine for warts as a way to treat many skin ailments. From this and from the name celandine, from the word clean body.

It also deals with diseases of the internal organs. Nature has put such power into this flower that it is powerful in curing warts and other skin diseases.

According to scientists, such a remedy cures more than 250 skin ailments. How to properly use celandine from warts and how to achieve the desired results?

Before proceeding with the removal of the wart, it must be remembered that the treatment process must last several days to see the result.

You can use the services of clinics, where with the help of modern technologies you can quickly get rid of this problem. Not everyone has financial resources, as the procedure costs more than 10 kopecks.

Detergent for warts

Juice removal

And therefore, to start the removal, you need to smear a cream or oil around the wart, as celandine is a poisonous plant and you need to remember the safety measures. It is best to apply celandine juice directly from the stem, but there is a possibility that celandine juice will get on the skin, it is best to try to do this with a cotton swab or napkin.

This procedure must be performed carefully so as not to leave burns. After the celandine juice has dried on the wart, it is recommended to apply a few more layers, after which this remedy begins to work with the wart from the inside.

It is necessary to apply celandine juice from warts 2 times in 24 hours, and after a few days it will fall off on its own. This type of wart removal is safe and can also be used for children. Don't forget to wash your hands after using celandine.

The main thing to remember is that no one can help better than a dermatologist, self-diagnosis is stupid. Often other diseases in the form of warts can be masked and give a person false indicators.

Incorrectly chosen treatment can lead to more complex skin diseases. If the wart changes color, rapidly increases in size, and their number becomes even larger, you should immediately go to the doctor and do not hesitate.

If the tests confirm the fact that this is indeed a wart, then treatment can begin.

wart celandine plant

How to make celandine juice from warts?

How to make celandine juice and how to keep it for a long time? Mountain celandine is used to remove warts. It has a bright orange color and to get it you need to press part of the stem or cook it yourself.

A celandine bush must be pulled out of the ground, washed and twisted in a meat grinder, flowers and leaves must not be torn off. It turns out a dark green liquid, it must be filtered and tightly fixed in a vessel.

Such a mixture ferments and periodically it is necessary to release gas, this should be done after 2 days. After the end of the fermentation period, the container must be hidden in a dark and cold place, but not in the refrigerator. Such a tincture from celandine is recommended to be stored for no more than 5 years.

Celandine from warts in a pharmacy

wart removal with celandine juice

Modern pharmaceutical companies produce many forms and types of celandine preparations. Traditional healers recommend combining pharmacy and home remedies. In this case, there is an increase in the body's resistance to most infections, the manifestations of the papillomavirus decrease, and in some cases, with proper use, growths and warts never appear again.

In pharmacies, you can also find celandine from warts, on the shelves you will find balms and ointments that help get rid of warts.

Such products have a very strong substance in their composition, which has great power, since often natural ingredients are not included here.

The papilloma virus is the cause of the disease. It enters through wounds on the body or scratches on the skin of people whose immunity is weakened, such a virus can develop very quickly and cause a lot of problems for a person in life.

To avoid the appearance of warts, you need to be careful when touching other people who are sick with such a disease. To keep your immunity at a high level, you need to lead your lifestyle correctly.